NOTE: Most of the content on this site was written pre-transition under my deadname.

Question: Who are you?
Answer: My name is Rachel Williams.

Ex-academic philosopher. I was abd at Wash U’s philosophy-neuroscience-psychology program but left the academic shit show in my sixth year. My specializations were consciousness studies, feminism, and bioethics. Now I’m a personal trainer at Gold’s Gym building my career in the fitness industry. I’m also a barista at Starbucks to pay the bills and for the health insurance until my training career kicks off.

I’m a blogger, writer, vlogger, and social media whore. I’m transgender. Makeup addict. Beer. Coffee. Metalhead. Progressive. Atheist. Science. Naturalism. Reddit. Killjoy Feminist. Books. Poly. Pansexual. Femme. Queer. Cuddling. Dogs. Cats. South city. Fitness/nutrition nerd.

I can probably squat and deadlift more than you. I was into powerlifting for a bit but right now my primary training goal is a sub-20 minute 5k. I dream of being a competitive athlete.