Microblogging is the future, or at least my future

If it seems like I haven’t been posting my “usual” it’s only because you’re not following me on G+. Just saying.


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4 responses to “Microblogging is the future, or at least my future

  1. I for one have been pressed for time lately. But I still follow you on G+ (when time allows). I enjoy your eloquent writing and your impressive thinking. I only recently discovered your blog. While occasionally perusing it, I get pulled away by this or that unrelated duty and end up parking my browser page on your blog.

    Anyway… just saying.

  2. James, thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot to a young graduate student like myself.

    I still think there is a purpose for this blog – which is to do “long thinking” – stuff that I want people to, as you say, “park” on and which requires more delicate formatting, including quoting and citation of texts. The problem is that most of my long thinking these days is going into my academic papers and dissertation planning. Perhaps I should reconsider this strategy and do more long thinking on my blog.

  3. Why is life full of ups and downs?

    What is your G+ link?

  4. Where are you posting your work theses days Gary?

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