The pipedream of genetic astrology

The relationship between genes and visible traits is very different from the way in which it is usually presented to the public. The idea that a gene is a sequence of DNA that codes for a product, and variations in the DNA sequence can cause a difference in the product and hence in the phenotype, is just too simplistic. Coding sequences are only a small part of DNA, and DNA is just a part of the cellular network that determines which products are produced. When and where these products are produced depends on what goes on in other cells and what the environmental conditions are like. Cellular and development networks are so complicated that there is really no chance of predicting what a person will be like merely by looking at their DNA. Although it has considerable rhetorical and marketing power, the dream of genetic astrology is just that – a dream.

~Eva Jablonka and Marion J. Lamb, Evolution in Four Dimensions: Genetic, Epigenetic, Behavioral, and Symbolic Variation in the History of Life, p. 67



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2 responses to “The pipedream of genetic astrology

  1. Tim

    I’ve read this – great stuff. Cleaves through popular reductionistic science with aplomb, revealing the real interdependent dynamics of nature. It puts paid to such simplistic, popularised ideas as a ‘language module’ in the brain, linguistic nativism, memetic theory, genetic determinism, etc etc.

    I’m sure Dawkins, Pinker, Chomsky, Dennett et al are all (quietly) reading it closely…!

    Here’s a great video to accompany your reading:

  2. Dr. Baldev Raj

    I found this article very informative and related with my research work. The outcome of my research work would probably answer to the question- Could it be that the DNA map is simply a reflection of the astrological chart?
    I have found out by modified Gel Electrophoresis technique that the horoscope is embedded in DNA structure. Horoscope is clearly visible in a different format in DNA structure and can be converted to standard format for the ease of reading by astrologers. The outcome of my research may provide answers to many questions like:
    1) Which is more important for casting horoscope- the moment of conception or the moment of birth?
    2) If the “natural” timing of birth is somehow changed or manipulated, as in the case of Caesarean section the birth chart (and therefore one’s personality and destiny) gets altered or not?
    3) Is there any relationship between the transfer of genes (planetary heredity) and natural birth?
    4) Will human cloning produce offspring whose birth chart shows an astrological connection to the lab or the geneticist, rather than the parent?
    5) Would the clone’s birth be nothing more than a transit to its parent’s chart?

    Suggestions are welcome. I would really appreciate the cooperation in terms of technical & financial support from Universities, Bio-tech labs and other stake holders for further research.

    Dr. Baldev Raj

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