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3 quarks daily is running their second annual philosophy blog post competition here. Please visit the site and vote for “Minds and Brains – The Myth of Sensory Immediacy – Why Berkelely Was Wrong“.

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  1. Dear Mr. Williams,

    I read your article on Berkeley and perception on “Diversity Newsletter” online.

    I have some suggestions:

    1. You talk about atomic sequence which I take as timeline lineal perception. As Penrose points out most clearly (perhaps spinning off Aldous Huxley) the brain can perceive locally in sequence but also perceives nonlocally all at once. The quantum wave breakdown can be triggered by anything although it is usually triggered by survival experience that is already in the memory.

    2. You are using mind and spirit as though they were a single concept in the German Idealist sense of the word Geist. We have come a long way since Hegel.

    3. Another area that can be touched on is that of relations, interior and exterior, between holisitic corporealities or between Idea Forms. Relations give access to non-brain mind (potential nous) displays in the brain mind theater.

    Berkeley is not wrong. A Bishop in the 18th Century was obliged to stay within monotheistic paradigms. Berkeley’s “esse es perciperi” or what would be perceived by spirit is very rewarding.

    Best wishes,

    Alastair Beattie
    Prof. Edu.
    University of the Andes, Venezuela

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