Joseph Margolis on the hegemony of analytic philosophy

The truth is, the analytic tradition has tended to impoverish itself by a kind of increasing neglect of the leading themes of cultural life — a fortiori, the leading themes that inform the world of the arts. It has also neglected the subterranean possibilities of its own best work. The irony remains that, with regard to the pre-analytic period, both in philosophy in general and in the philosophy of art, the themes of intentionality, historical tradition, preformative history, discontinuity and incommensurability, the impossibility of conceptual closure, the symbiosis of the individual and the societal, the denial of cognitive transparency, the critique of critique, the emergence of human culture, the priority of practices, interpretive indeterminacy and consensual tolerance, and a thousand related themes had already been in place and had already been most vigorously dissected. The hegenomy of the analytic has, quite unpardonably, done as much as it could to dismiss the full complexity of these matters in its zeal to install its own executive vision.

Selves and Other Texts, p. 9

Although over the top, I like the sauciness. Hat tip to enowning for turning me on to Margolis’ work. I think I am going to like this guy.


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