Favorite links – 6/13/10

  • Pharyngula writes on why Dear Abbey gives terrible advice to people concerned about ghosts
  • Cool article on how people can only maintain the same size social network online as they do offline, what’s called Dunbar’s number (roughly 150 people)
  • NeuroLogica writes on why superstitious rituals might have psychological benefits such as confidence
  • Very interesting article by Neuroskeptic on why cats rub against your leg, domestication, and the evolution of behavior
  • YeahOkaybutStill writes a great post on Wilfrid Sellars and how he straddled the analytic/continental divide with his conception of the scientific and manifest image
  • What’s going on in the brain when we are lost in habit
  • NY Times article on how for-profit colleges and trade schools are creating the new poor
  • In depth posts by YouAreNotSoSmart on the meaning and importance of smiling and makeup
  • Sam Harris on why there is probably no God (and you know it).
  • Great post by Networkologies on Object Oriented Ontology and some of the challenges it faces as a philosophical movement
  • NDPR on Ladyman and Ross’ interesting new book Everything Must Go: Metaphysics Naturalized, which offers some skeptical challenges to contemporary analytic metaphysics
  • Interesting article by Scientific American on why the “Reproduction Revolution” is  slowly but surely defusing the population bomb
  • Nicholas Carr critically responds to Steven Pinker’s article in the NY Times about his work

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