The Fallacies of Faith


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One response to “The Fallacies of Faith

  1. Felix

    I think giving justification for a personable God (god with a capital ‘G’) is pretty ridiculous. But I don’t think having faith in such a God is all that absurd. As defined by some author who wrote the book of Hebrews, faith is being certain of what we don’t see (or of what we might not have evidence for). And in this sense, it seems completely fine for someone to have faith in God — though I gotta say, being certain of something that might not exist seems a bit scary to me. Anyways, I’m just nitpicking. I don’t think the title of that clip should be ‘The Fallacies of Faith’, unless you’re using ‘faith’ to refer to having reason to believe in God.
    On a slightly different note, do you think our minds are capable of being certain of something we don’t have the slightest justification for?

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