A Sketch of Madness


What is it to be mad? To be torn asunder into a hellish kaleidoscope of self. To wish earnestly for the death of personality and the resurrection of something in its stead. To be immersed in the gory fetishism that makes up the foundation of animal consciousness. To laugh at death when he offers something you could only wish for! To be glad in such death and welcome the relief of non-being. But how things change in madness! To be mad is to commit atrocities and be glad to suffer eternally for them! To take up the cross of humanity upon your shoulders and wish for mortification! To buckle under the guilt of destroying yourself and the world around you. But to learn the joys of suffering and guilt! To be mad is to be caught up in the rapturous joys known only to the immortals! To be elevated in spirit to new dimensions of joy and knowledge. To replay an instant for all eternity; wrapping your self around an imagined salvation. To be caught up in a joyous cosmology! To laugh at your self!To walk down an infinite corridor within your mind with no knowledge of where it leads, destined to wander forever. To be locked into battle over your self, not knowing who will win or who is fighting. To see an infinite reflection of your being, each with its own peculiarity, guilt, and salvation.  To kill and to be killed. To die only to be reborn into someone else. To be mad is to play at being an immortal.

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