A Short Lesson on the Alleged "Fallacies" of Evolutionary Thinking

From PhilosophyNow magazine.

I often just assume that most of my reader’s will agree with me that evolution is as close to “factual” as it is really going to get for science. However, if you have ever taken an undergraduate philosophy class, you know that not everyone shares this view and in fact, many people who purport to evince rationality and skepticism cast doubt on the revered status of evolutionary theory (one can find a whole network of such Christian “rationalists” starting from the blogroll on sites such as this or this). While I have since learned that it is futile to enter into such debates with the explicit goal of really sparking existential doubt, I still find it useful to bone up on logic and evidence concerning evolutionary theory. For this reason, I thought the PhilosophyNow article was worth sharing. Enjoy!

p.s. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but I have heard excellent things about Jerry Coyne’s new book Why Evolution is True.

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