Excellent overview of Being and Time…in a newspaper column?

From Enowning,

The UK Guardian just started an eight-part series on Being and Time: “Why Heidegger matters.” I was expecting a very shallow reading since it was coming from a newspaper blog, but I came away very impressed; cheers to you Simon Critchley. While the brief explanation of the “basic idea” was a little too brief (and I don’t like the simple being = time either; that is either too simple, too misleading or simply wrong), I was impressed by how much he crammed into such a short article. With seven more parts in the series, I am sure he will give a little more detail about the argumenative structure of the book. I will be particually interested in how he re-constructs Heidegger’s analytic in the introduction and division 1.

Oh, and check out the comments section. I never knew “the Folk” had such strong opinions on Heidegger! Some of the comments are hilarious, like this well written gem:

how did he get there?…CAREERIST OPPORTUNISM!

no wonder he legitimated the whole shit with nihilistic void/emptiness blah!

“Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) was the most important and influential philosopher in the continental tradition in the 20th century. ”

BULLSHIT!”….each his own, for sure not the most impressive to me.

watch them live their philosophys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

or not!… remains a betraying opportunistic twit ,with typical post war legitimation noises.what fascinates YOU ….? the sound good noise of avoidance through look cool attitude?….he and his philosophy are missing one essential human aspect…EMPATHY & HEART

Damn you Heidegger! Where is your HEART?

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